happy dead !!!

A step forward in living happily while acting dead ,no need to understand life as i have done it already for last 10 years of my life,no need to understand the concept of luck as it is connected to other persons life for example try this technique find out a person who is lucky for you and make him do things for you like calling for an interview,buying new car .trust me i have tried it hundreds of time and it works every time his/her luck will work for you.

Now lets take a step forward in living happily while acting dead ,imagine you have 2 roads in front of you one goes for EASE and the other goes for HARDSHIP ,which one you will choose ,obviously the EASY one but what if i tell you the HARDSHIP road is more exciting and joyful with things to learn ,things to explore and ultimately will lead you to more happiness, more ease.now tell me which road will be of your choice..are you confused now?

actually some of you will take the ease path as it would unbox money ,fun, adventure but actually you are fooling yourself , act dead by choosing the hardship road as you know that`s what you are made for ,you are that tuff to beat anyone, to change hardship to ease..that`s who you are ,so if next time someone DISCOURAGES you , just smile and say i am HAPPY DEAD !!!

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