Good photos are not valuable… But

Kashmir, 2015 // Fujifilm x100s

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A thought struck me as I was preparing for the webinar presentation… Oh and about that… One of the high points of this month is that I’m doing a free webinar on Documentary Wedding Photography in collaboration with Adobe India and Better Photography Magazine (link below).

Ah that thought….Come to think of it, good photos are not valuable… But value makes for a good photograph. We photographers are always in the rut of making a ‘good photo’, are we not? But what does that actually mean? I read a stat yesterday that we see more images in the first half of the day that someone living in the 1800’s saw in their entire lifetime! Now how many of these images that we see everyday are good photos? One could argue that many are, but are they valuable for us personally? If yes, does that value come because they are good photos? And what is valuable? For me it’s a date with my wife, a new flower in the garden, my niece’s pretty smile, the arrival of monsoon in Bangalore, cousins arm-wrestling after the long wedding day, the wedding horse tied outside a crumbling ‘computerised’ tax collection centre and so forth. In our image saturated world where we shoot and consume more images than ever, I think we should flip the switch. Aesthetically and technically perfect photos not mean much. They may entertain our minds of a few seconds but what next?

Good photos are not valuable… But value makes for a good photograph
Tanjavur, 2015 // Fujifilm XT-1

If you’d like to hear more of this concept and hear me out as I present my views on documentary wedding photography and how you can make better images, please consider registering for this free webinar. Looking forward to our virtual meeting :)

Catch the webinar on 26th May 2017 at 3pm IST

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