The One Life You Live.

Which life will you live?

Hey everyone,

So I recently came across with one of the most beautiful video ever….

What was the video well you can judge it from the it’s top comments.

Comment 1 : “Literally why does your videos make me rethink life”.

Comment 2 : “I always come back to this video whenever I get too scared for greater risks. It always inspires me to look past the overwhelming future and really focus on building it one step at a time. Because I want to live in the best reality I can give myself. c: Thanks Wongfu. ♡”

And the last

Comment 3 : “This was SO inspirational! And the Chinese language is so nice to listen to!

And well I do agree that Chinese is a really good language. The take away from the story really matters a lot in our life.

Story — — — — — — — — — — —

A man is singing beside a road side. A girl come to him and request him to sing the same song in Chinese. Soon they break up in a conversation and goes for a coffee. The girl ask to the guy “Why don’t you become a star ?”.

The boy replies “Maybe in some other reality I would be. But I can’t become a star in this reality”. Just then the girl starts talking about her dreams and tells him how she going to shanghai to fulfil her dream of becoming a reporter. The girl puts up a nice little thought “ Yeah I am brave! And Unlike you I don’t want my other reality to have all the fun”.

There are infinite possibilities for what our lives can be. But only one reality we live in. And only one we will ever know. Make sure you choose to live the one you want.


ASG, Abhishek Sharma Gaur

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