Importance of Programming for Electrical & Electronics Engineers

“If you think there is no need of good programming knowledge in Electrical & Electronics Engineering branch, you’re completely wrong.”

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Programming is a fascinating field but many people think that this field is limited to computer science or IT branch only. According to them, there is no need of good programming knowledge in Electrical & Electronics branch and only Students of computer science & Engineering or IT should have a good knowledge in programming. Let me tell you that this is completely wrong.

Let me Describe how good programming knowledge is important for students of Electrical & Electronics Engineering branch.

We know that in this age, there is a large number of competitors in corporate sector for job. Every corporate has chance to hire the best from the crowd. Person with Multi-disciplinary background has a good chance to be hired in this situation because company can use them for more than one type of work. If you have a good programming knowledge then you are a student with multi-disciplinary background which will be very beneficial for you in the future. The another point is that if you’re a student with multi-disciplinary background, there is more than one field where you can create your work-space.

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Technology has been developed to a great extent in this age. Our Daily life is running very smoothly because of different types of gadgets. I hope you’ve heard about Internet of Things. This is the technology using which we can control any electronics (or electrical) gadget via internet. Students of electrical & Electronics branch read about micro-controllers which is a common component of Internet of things and other gadgets used in our daily life. So, if you have a good programming knowledge, you can create cool IoT gadgets (like app for controlling fan or bulbs of home) or other gadgets (like a 3D printer) for your daily life works or for fun also. You can also participate in various Tech-fest in related competitions. Arduino Board / Raspberry pi is easily available in the market to create such gadgets/devices and can be programmed accordingly. Click Here to know about Arduino. Click Here to know about Raspberry pi.

In electrical & Electronics Engineering branch, students learn both electrical and electronics technologies. Electronics technology like VLSI sometimes needs programming knowledge to study deeply. Consider you’re good in designing VLSI but a good programming knowledge will enable to you debug your own design. Similarly, there are many other cases in this branch where a good programming knowledge will make you unique among a crowd. Companies working in electronics field also hire programmers because if they develop a motherboard, a BIOS program is also needed for it which can only be developed by a programmer.

Research always attracts students with a great engineering knowledge. If you are from Electrical and Electronics Engineering background, you’ve definitely learned Digital Signal processing, Signals & Systems which are great research fields. You can go in digital image or video processing field which is also a very good and trending research field. Similarly there are many other fields where a Student from electrical and electronics engineering branch can go easily. You can work on various other topics like Load forecasting, fault detection in machines. But to implement your works, you should have some programming knowledge. I’m also a student of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Branch and a research scholar also. I’ve been working in digital image and video processing field for last two years and have written two research papers till now.

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