A fact and science oriented article. Let’s find out the reason behind some so called supernatural things.

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  • Introduction
  • Social mythologies & Assumptions
  • Mental Disorders & Hallucinations
  • Last Words

Miraculous activities often make people fear and sometimes left us without a word. Indian culture and history are full of such miraculous…

Rape is not only just forced sex, rape is violence.

At the time I’m asking this question to you, I’m sure your answer will be “no”. But wait… , are you sure you’re not.. ?

Whenever we hear about these kind of crimes in our society, we stand up with…

A true and real ground story of Bihar Government Engineering Colleges.

Image Source — https://bit.ly/2UNWpZ6

Engineering not only means read books and write exams, nor clear entrances neither get a 9–5 job in a MNC or a PSU. It is an art that is not being taught properly in government engineering colleges of Bihar.

Answer of a very famous and interesting question from Movie “3 Idiots”.

“3 Idiots” scene — “how an induction motor starts?”

Hey How are you..? Hope you’re enjoying your studies at home in this lock-down. I’m here with an answer of a very famous and interesting question form movie “3…

“If you think there is no need of good programming knowledge in Electrical & Electronics Engineering branch, you’re completely wrong.”

Hey, How are you? Hope you are good and safe at home in this lock-down. I’m also good and writing this article for you.

Image Source : https://bit.ly/2JZAhVO

Programming is a fascinating field but…

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