Fat Dogs “The case against movement 2"

Movement is an important part of any living being except trees.No matter animals or human animals we must move and find time to kick our ass on daily bases.

But the story is just opposite,humans are not moving at all and they have suppressed the movement of fellow animals too.

We used to have dogs for protection,hunting and to control the herds of animals.

Now those same dogs spend time in air-conditioning rooms on couch.For humans couch potato was the term,I don't know what should I call to couch dogs but their owners can be called douchebegs indeed.

In the quest of seeking and providing comfort we are obsessively cutting the wings of pet animals too.

For heavens sake don't have pets if you can't take responsibility for their movement.I don't wanna listen dog following some exotic diet to cut fat and experience program to stay healthy.

They are aggressive hunters so do not make them cutie pies.Screwing your own species was enough, don't screw others.