The Forbidden Rice

As the name suggests this particular rice was only available for the royal family of chinese emperor who used to live in Forbidden city.

It was only meant for royal family because of its amazing health benefits and used to be grown secretly in guarded fields.

But now Forbidden Rice aka Black rice is widely available and trust me it is the super food for modern humans.

Now when rice has been made responsible for obesity and abused as useless grain then how can black rice be considered the super food.

Let’s find these reasons one by one.

Rich in antioxidants:

It can give competition to blueberries and blackberries for its antioxidants content.In comparison to berries it has way more fibre and obviously it is cheaper than them.

High in fibre:

In comparison to white and brown rice it has a lot more fibre,so have higher satiety.

A 100gm serving contains 5gm of fiber, allowing you to have nearly 10% of the daily recommended intake.

Dibaetis friendly:

It has higher fibre content and low glycemic index,so it doesn’t spike insulin rapidly and high fibre helps in slow digestion,so ideal for Diabetic people.

Mineral rich:

It contains all vital minerals including iron, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus and magenese which are essential for optimal functioning of human body.

Protein Rich:

100 gm of black rice contains 8.5 gm protein and leaves it’s competition way back.

Now having rice is not so insane.

Fight with heart disease:

It Prevent plaque formation,keeps arteries healthy and in turn keep the blood pressure in check.

So heart patients now you can enjoy some rice with thai curry.

Do not wait and try Black rice with various dishes,and no need to feel guilty about eating rice ;)