Introducing term-stats, because we are all lazy

Because we all want to check the download stats of our npm packages.
We are. Stop Laughing.

Hi! Do you remember that trip to just to check how many downloads you got yesterday/and the day before/and the month before?

I hope you do, because otherwise there is no benefit. (:laughing:)

Assuming you have published a trillion `divided by` a billion npm packages in the last month, you are probably tired of making that trip again and again for every new package you publish or packages you care about every single day.

I present to you, you awesome JavaScript programmers, term-stats; because we are all lazy.

Here’s a bitter-sweet demo, of what it’s capable of,

Made by Peek

💎 😍

Now, here’s how it works. In two lines.

Give it a configuration file(`term-stats.json`) which contains a list of packages you want to stalk, and THAT’S IT.

The code is proudly and unapologetically hosted on GitHub, and you are welcome to fire up some issues and/or pull requests in case something doesn’t feel right.

Go have some epiphanies.

🎉 😂