A conversation about working without expectation

Me: Can you tell me about working without expectation of results? How would you connect with the work if you do not expect?

He: Understand it in this way. You do your work because it’s your duty. In a way a mother loves a child. Like soldiers fight to save the nation. Try to understand sense of responsibility to your task. Then you will reach a state where you no longer is attached to the small success or defeat, you see them as a part & see work as your duty. Your goal must be to become a person with a thinking, ”I simply detach myself from all expectations and DO!”.

This approach is Kant’s approach. Seeing work as your duty.

Other approach is Consequentialist, which depend on expectation. That see end result in everything. Connect with the expectation so that it will motivate you. Consequentialist say Do it because situation demands so.

Ex: For consequentialist, Lying to save a friend. Situation based but Kant says Lying itself is wrong. So what it’s my friend.

Choice is yours to follow any path. But I personally like Kant’s approach because in that I am able to see neutrally. Success & failure are just milestones for me.

Thanks for reading

Abhishek Thakur