The Farmer’s Story

There are 700 lakh villages in India with roughly 2000 people in each. Rural population is mostly engaged in farming either directly or indirectly. Thus , farming is the primary economic activity employing almost 70% population.

Farming provides the support to these farmers. However, problem arises suddenly when drought or floods occur. These calamities destroy the farmers’ produce, which in most cases is their only source of income. Consequently, they are now dependent on others for their survival. They now need to take loans, borrow money just to make their ends meet.

If these climatic conditions worsen and there is consecutive drought or flood then the farmers condition is very fragile. Here, they require the active support from the State Govt, which they have elected by reposing their faith in the candidates from their constituency.

However, due to the prevalent grave conditions and inadequate support, farmers are resorting to suicide. Some of the human skulls in this protest are of those very farmers from Tamil Nadu.

After losing the hope that State Govt will help, these farmers asked the Centre for help. Here also they had to return without any relief. To make their grievances known they have now started a Hunger strike. But even Hunger Strike has fallen on deaf ears. As a result , the farmers are contemplating of staging a protest in American Embassy or European Union to get more visibility so that Centre/State can take note of their grievances.

Isn’t this ironical? You select a government yet the same govt doesn’t address your concerns.

  • M.C. Palanivel & S. Murugan