Unwanted Guests

I creep in slowly at first

Sans notice, sans heed

I make my way out of sight

And one fine day when you want to take the lead

You step back,lo and behold you cry

“ Did I give up? Did I lose this fight?”

That’s when I amplify

You give me faith, you give me hope

Oh dear human, oh naive human

Your heart pumps,your blood rushes, you feel the boil

The music is too loud, the words they shout, what have you done!

You hit and run, lo and behold you cry

“The monster that breeds inside, was it worth the toil?”

That’s when I amplify

We is a royal pronoun but it’s my moment to shine

So popular,so charming, oh-so bright

Focus the camera, adjust the light

It’s in your eyes, you go blind

Petrified, lo and behold you cry

“Where’s everyone? What’s wrong and what’s right?”

That’s when I amplify

You bleed, you try to flee

I say -Stop, let’s give it a try,

You don’t have to be so wry.

All it takes is a little push

at the edge of the cliff.

Do you get the whiff?

A spark. A connection. A voice.

Discover. Release. Break the fetters, the monotony

And fly, fly,fly.