EngageYour Customers on the Media Channels They Actually Use

Abhisi.com is a beautiful and simple platform that helps companies interact and support their customers better.

The problem we solve
Over the past few years it has become increasingly difficult for companies to keep up with support as multiple channels have opened up that customer use to reach out for help and leave their comments. Most companies have not adapted to this behavior, and a huge amount of time is lost going from one platform to another with no tracking of conversations and no easy way to get your support team to work together.

Why do most companies target only one channel of contact when over 56% of customers are using multiple social media channels? The support desk landscape has become fragmented and companies can’t rely on traditional solutions or single platforms to reach all of their customers.

Why we’ve built Abhisi.com
With Abhisi.com we’ve built next-gen technology that goes beyond ticket numbers and traditional Website portals to help companies reach their customers quickly and grab their attention on the media channels they actually love to use. Today’s customers live on social media and access the internet mostly on their mobile phones. Companies wanting to support their customers have to go where these people are active: that’s social media (where people spend nearly 2 hours per day). A recent study has found that 73% of 18–34 year olds use a social network as their first choice of contact.

We’ve created a powerful yet simple to use platform where we’ve merged the variety of online media channels to optimize how your team contacts and supports your customers- both quickly and efficiently to get the best results: reacting to customer messages that you would’ve otherwise missed.By targeting social channels,you will leverage their virality and unique possibilities — increasing the impact, reach and engagement even more.

How we help companies react to customer messages they otherwise would’ve missed
We empower teams to become customer heroes by making support timely and accurate, driven by great design and usability. By making the agents’ job easier, the level of service that customers receive is of higher quality — this leaves a great impression and lasting recognition.