Someone scratched my old Mercedes car.
 - Abhitej

It was a cold day
In the month of December 
When I saw a scratch near the emblem star
As I imagine 
To what would have happened 
That someone scratched my old Mercedes car.

Who did it and when?
I never let it out of my sight
Did it happen this morning or was it last night!
Must have happened when I was passing that old shanty bazaar.
Nevertheless it’s still a mess my old Mercedes car.

I had a closer look,
To see If the crook, had cost me a fortune or a penny.
It was deep ,it was fresh, it was long, it was wrong ,but It wasn’t all that bad as the old thing had so many.
In a dielema of what to do and what not to do I never really got too far,
So I sat down , in this small town to think WHY would someone scratch my old Mercedes car.

The situations singularity,
Came from the disparity between the affluent and the penurious.
Country where communist and capitalist, unbiased and nationalist, Obese and the Starving all are very curious.
Of why the rich needed more and the poor got less, why religion would oppress and tell what a man can or cannot be,
All of it and more,in a six inch scratch ,that's what worried me.

It was time that our Nation, had a reincarnation and to come out of its young teens
Time to say no and go a little slow and think for ourselves before we pass our genes.
As We are only humans ,we make mistakes ,so laugh and forget when others make them too
Laugh at ourselves and laugh at the situations, laugh at me and you.

And then i thought,that I had forgot, that it was time for me to hit the tar

and with that, happily I sat and drove my old Mercedes car.