One teacher vs many teachers!

Well,being educated in India gives me this thought of my own teachers! I still remember during my schooling days like up to grade 5 I had only one teacher who handled all the subjects everyday! Although teachers changed every year but they handled only one section through out the year!

But on the contrary,from grade 6 till 12 I had an individual teacher for every subject…the ratio was 1:1. Which I feel is way better. It’s good. Personally i believe that it should be implemented from grade 1.

The reason behind this is, first not all teachers have a good knowledge in basic subjects. A teacher who is good in math might not be good in history or environmental science and vice versa. like for example,when I was in grade 8 my chemistry subject was handled by a teacher who was specialized in chemistry but a few days later it came to my knowledge that she also handled English subject for my bro who was in grade 3. Well I was astonished! It reminded me of my own childhood days cause it was the same fact.

Secondly, an important parameter “TEACHER-STUDENT” relationship comes into picture. This point is something which I feel is really important cause this also leads to another parameter “TEACHER-PARENT” relationship. How does it relate? Let me explain this with my own experience. In grade 4, I was never good in math, but I was good at other subjects like environmental science, history and etc. Now all my subjects were again handled by one teacher and I didn’t like it. Cause the fact that at during every open house my teacher had the same complaint “your son Mrs. Suman,is not performing well at all…”. See that? The bad performance of math curtained my good performance of all other subjects. This plainly states the view of one teacher on a student. Parents fall prey to this as they are made to believe that their Ward isn’t performing good even though they were good at other subjects.

Third, students tend to get bored with the same teacher every and teachers also find it difficult to handle the same class everyday.

That’s why it’s better to have “one teacher per subject method”. This reduces the biased view of the teacher on the student and also the vice versa. Not only does it build a good relationship between the two of them but also benefits the student as he/she is under the guidance of good mentor. Not just this,it also gives the student to choose their personal favourite teacher!….I know it’s silly but we need to answer when our relatives ask that!

All teachers are good mentors. I believe that. Thank you.

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