Who’s The Real Boss?!

The architecture and functioning of our Brain baffles me ! Brain’s a complex network of neurons firing,been named as the “Head” of the Human anatomy and it’s important to keep our brain happy by fulfilling all it’s necessities.However we often tend to blame this “masterpiece”given to us by the universe whenever we screw things up! either in professional or in our personal life,but yet we tend to look up to this genius whenever we need solution to any riddles we’ve been facing in our life at that point of time,we expect it to work according to us,help us solve our life crisis.We try to master the software naturally integrated into the humans anatomy! But it don’t work like this , our Brain is the C.E.O in it’s own manner ,it don’t like working for someone else even if it’s just 40 hrs/week,and like all the Great CEO’s the world has seen it is capable of producing beautifully constructed strings of IDEA’s.The term “Idea” if you’ve ever searched on any search engine will be defined as “ a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action” if we go through this definition again it says “ suggestion to a possible course of action”.How many times it has happened that a buzzing“IDEA” strikes us but we just let it slip by thinking “Ah! I have an idea but I’ll work on it when it’s the right time!!” but later on we forget what actually that idea was and frustratingly we say and I quote “Fuck you Brain!” . We need to understand the importance of idea supplied by the Genius , it’s kind of notification that pops up on your phone saying,
“Hey! I have a beautifully constructed strings of thoughts ready to be executed waiting for your reply.
-With Love
But what we do ,we ignore the message and thought of replying it later on and then that message is archived or deleted in such a manner that you cannot restore! The Job of our Brain is to gather what it saw , heard and construct a hierarchy of strings of thought that in its own term is Game changing.What we think needs to be executed or be jotted down at that instance, we have the audacity to just sit down with the ideas and think of doing it later,NO! that shouldn’t be the case these “Messages a.k.a Ideas received by us comes with built-in destroy function with a very limited period” so next time when you are dejected by the thought of not doing something worth in your life ,think about how many unread “messages” you’ve destroyed!