Libraries as a Modern Startup Hubs

Libraries should be a modern startup hub because they are already places of knowledge. I remember spending much of my time as a youth in libraries, full of ideas, but a lack of direction. Nowadays, libraries need to expand their purpose. They need to give the community the ability to start new ideas.

What can libraries do to improve on this? Libraries need to allow the capacity to collaborate. Right now you can go to a library, and it may be a good place to work as an individual, but there needs to be a way to collaborate as a group. A non-profit WeWork in a way.

They should have sections on getting help with your company. Bring in professionals who know different sides of business like accounting, sales, marketing, etc. and have them help the brand new entrepreneur with their idea.

A library could move from a place to gain knowledge to a place to create knowledge and value. However, most libraries are not setup for this. A lot of them seem to have lost purpose with the younger generation who can get whatever book they want within a moments notice. So the library needs to evolve to make itself into a 21st-century hub. This may already be happening at some of the bigger libraries but it doesn’t happen in the smaller ones.

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