Send logs of all Kubernetes Pods to AWS CloudWatch Logs using Fluentd.

$ kubectl create serviceaccount tiller --namespace kube-system
apiVersion: v1
kind: ClusterRoleBinding
name: tiller-role-binding
kind: ClusterRole
name: cluster-admin
- kind: ServiceAccount
name: tiller
namespace: kube-system
$ kubectl apply -f rbac-config.yaml "tiller-role-binding" configured
$ helm init --service-account tiller
$ kubectl get pods --namespace kube-system | grep tiller
tiller-deploy-fd7676c54-dvvl7 1/1 Running 0 1d
$ helm repo add incubator
$ helm install --name fluentd -f .\fluentd-cloudwatch-values.yaml incubator/fluentd-cloudwatch



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