Have you ever been working on a project and realized that project is not being hot-reloaded or re-compiled when you save or have auto-save enabled.

I almost always run into this issue after I have set up a new development environment. It seems like the system just stops monitoring for files. I have only encountered this issue on Linux systems though. Never on Windows or macOS.

After a bit of googling, I found out that the default limit of file watchers count, that Linux systems allow to monitor for filesystem changes is very low. 8192 to be exact. I know…

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Maya was ecstatic. She had smelled the most aromatic flower there was.

What was it, though? She was curious, but she had no idea. She’d never been good with names. Ten seconds in, she was no longer concerned with this question. The petrichor exuding from the wet grass made her forget that.

She had wanted to spend all her day here but it had begun to rain. Large pearl-sized drops of water landed on her hair. She was not a cat-person, but it was not a long stretch to say that she didn’t like getting drenched.

She forgot the flower…

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I’m not saying that grep is slow or flawed in any way but it can be definitely faster (and better). And GNU grep is not the only player out there.

Let me introduce ripgrep, a grep/ag/ack alternative written in Rust.

So why should you use ripgrep? Because it’s fast. Very fast! It has saner defaults. And it’s written in Rust. (Topic for another time:)

Also, I just learnt that ripgrep powers Visual Studio Code’s search.


  • Did I tell you that it’s crazy fast?
  • It searches recursively by default.
  • It ignores hidden and binary files by default.
  • It respects .gitignore. It…


Mama wolf counted — One! Two! Three!
Of her sons wailing under the fig tree
Cries of hunger led her to yell
Her cri de cœur was a fail
No answer! From anyone in the pedigree


Hunt was the hour of the need
To forestall starvation of her just-born kid
She roamed the woods
For something, anything, but before dawn
Had found a barn before her concede


Unable to spot a herder after a sweep
She counted: One sheep! Two sheep! Three sheep!
She had singled out a lamb
But her eyelids began to slam
And she fell asleep

Originally published at abhnv.com on January 27, 2018.

Haiku #13

Menacing lion
Still wary of the red rose,
Sting is a prospect.

She looks around the table trying to catch his eye.
He’s occupied with himself thinking of an alibi.
Suddenly his phone rings,
She gets on her toes like an alert magpie.

She drowns herself in her screen,
Looking at him just above the mezzanine.
He gets up, her heart skips,
Meanwhile she can hear the voice of the mean oscine.

A thin sheet of glass is between her and him, and her,
She cannot make anything of the words they whisper.
Her heart sinks with prodigious bulk of black mass.
She hopes of silver linings to wax her sanity’s timbre.

Unbeknownst to the poor girl, her world has just shattered behind the glass.

Originally published at abhnv.com on March 1, 2017.

I opened up my eyes. It was still dark to see anything. I shoved my head back into what seemed like a pile of pillows to shut out the world.

“A few minutes more!” I said to myself.

I tried to get back to my dream but I had already forgotten about it. Even if I couldn’t fall back to sleep I wasn’t ready to get up yet. Instead I began to reminisce about the rare but wonderful moments we had together. Just yesterday, standing beside my hospital bed, she had opened up her heart for the very first time…

Hardly any regular person in India gives a damn about Thanksgiving but if you live your life on the Internet, there’s no way you haven’t heard of it.

Immigrants thanking the natives for giving up their lands!

Immigration is a hot topic right now in the nation built by immigrants who don’t like the new immigrants. But let’s just end the political murmurs right here because I want to talk about the bird today.

Americans call it Turkey. They think that it’s a native of Turkey. But it’s not found in Turkey.

Turkish people call it Hindi or India because…

Haiku #12

Thousands of miles,
Days with silence in between.
Where’s my oasis?

Originally published at abhnv.com on November 3, 2016.

Haiku #11

New. Shiny. Glossy.
Awaited since the day of its
Quiet confirmation.

Originally published at abhnv.com on October 30, 2016.

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