Two students from Kolkata shared what it is about ASED & The Green Rhinos that attracted them to be a part of the organization.

Two +2 students, Divisha Seksaria and Prakriti Chopra of Modern High School for Girls, wanted to work for the environment. And the best they thought was to get involved with the Green Rhinos Program and ASED. They shared with us why they wanted to do something for environment and further why ASED and Green Rhinos.

“As far as students of the of the twenty-first century are concerned, the terms “sustainability”, “biodiversity”, “ ecological balance”, and “conservation” signify little more than a particular page number in their textbooks, meant to be studied and forgotten. However, for not one but several students in Hisar, Delhi, Kolkata, Siliguri, and the Sundarbans , who have become ‘Green Rhinos’, the above terms are goals that they actively work towards as conscious members of society, looking to change the world for the better, one empowered member of the youth at a time. These students truly serve as role models to a society which has mercilessly accelerated the degradation of the environment and refuses to play a part in reversing the damage thus done.
An organisation which holds firm faith in the ability of our generation to play an important role in engaging in environmental protection, and thereby in social development, the Association of Social and Environmental Development (ASED) has established a unique programme encouraging students across the nation to become nature leaders, or, in other words, Green Rhinos, and to take from their surroundings and come up with ideas concerning not only environmental issues at large but those which deal with how they can improve their very own locality, as seen in Maheshtala Girls’ School and Ganipur High School, in which students came to learn more about the world that surrounds them through interesting scientific exhibitions, surveys, discussions and unending determination, and in the process, contributed to the conservation and growth of the environment. 
Needless to say, a programme which effectively gives a voice to students of all ages and recognizes their importance, allows them to become more aware and thus, to become ‘forces of nature’ through a process of learning and sharing and which inspires them to take up the cause of the environment immediately attracted us to the organization, as did the fact that it is time for the youth of the country, almost half a million in number, to protect the very Earth that sustains us. The internship promises to engage, amaze and teach us much more than we can hope for. “
 -Divisha Seksaria &Prakriti Chopra