It’s an egoic construct about you

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How would you feel if one of your colleagues got the promotion you’ve both been competing for? Or you find out that your parents have a favourite child, and it isn’t you?

If we go with the first example; at first you’d probably feel enraged that all your efforts have not been recognised and essentially gone to waste. Not because the other person didn’t deserve a promotion but because in your mind they have taken something that’s rightfully yours, away from you.

And so as time passes you start to shift your attention to the other person and seep into…

Why you find yourself running for the hills instead of staying still.

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By clicking on this story, you just admitted that you are intimidated by commitment. Nothing to be shy about, because we all do it in one form or another. In relationships, in finding ourselves, in pursuing our dreams or building a career, a healthier lifestyle, on the search for fulfillment and happiness, the list goes on and on.

But let the first sentence sink in for a second. Are you hiding in denial about being afraid of commitment?

You see, denial is not necessarily limited to issues with relationships or substance misuse as the media and society generally perceive. It…

Number 1: Realise that the past is the real time memory of a previous event.

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Life doesn’t always go as planned and when it doesn’t we often find ourselves stuck in the past wondering about the what if’s.

Whether it’s a moment of confrontation, an unpleasant experience, or regrets about decisions we’ve made — we struggle to take the initiative to breakthrough. Instead, we keep all the negative emotions bottled up inside and allow ourselves go through the anxiety, fear and hopelessness that come with it.

In dwelling on the past, we sabotage our own lives because we fail to acknowledge and take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to us each day.


I recently stumbled upon this brilliant quote by the famous Persian poet Rumi, and as soon as I read it, it struck a chord.

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I heard myself say ‘Hmmm’ and then I read the Rumi quote again and again. I was reminded of the importance of every experience in life — Be it good or bad. How very true this was and how I could relate to the meaning behind those strong words.

The question is — How do you heal your wounds and take control of every aspect of your life?

Thinking about the quote, I realized this…

We might sometimes struggle to see it but there is light within darkness, and unless we see darkness, we can never truly experience light.


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You know, it’s okay not to be okay sometimes.

It’s almost as if “How are you doing?” is considered a rhetorical question. We often give this automatic reply of ‘I’m fine’ or ‘not bad’ because we feel that people don’t have the time to sit there and listen to our problems. We also don’t want it to turn into a therapy session where we acknowledge and admit that life is not so great right now.

So, instead of being true to our emotions and saying, I’m stressed, I’m broke or whatever the case may be, we put on a front and pretend all is okay. Of course, we can’t…

Whether you’re starting off with a side hustle or diving straight into entrepreneurship, you need to set a foundation first.

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Not only a business plan, but more importantly, a foundation based on a series of questions that will allow you to learn the fundamentals of captaining your own ship.

Get clear on the why’s

Think about the reasons behind your decision of becoming an entrepreneur. Is it because you want to prove to people that you can run your own business? Because you want more money? Or because you feel that it’s your best chance at success? If your answer to those questions is yes, you are doing this for the wrong reasons.

One of the most common drives of entrepreneurs is becoming their own…

Do you ever wonder about all the things you could’ve accomplished if procrastination wasn’t a thing?

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I do.

When I was a university student, every semester, I would tell myself, “This time, I will complete all my assignments at least a week before the due date!” But then I would find myself pulling all-nighters and stressing to get them done the night before they were due.

It just seemed like a constant battle. Always torn between studying and going out with friends. I would almost always end up deferring my plans, to go on a night out instead. Then spend most of the following day nursing a hangover instead of doing my assignments.

Although I loved…

Money management is probably one of the most important skills you can learn in life. Whether your goal is to buy a house, pay off your student loans/credit card debts or start a business, the following 5 tips will give you an idea of how you can achieve these goals.

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1. Learn how to budget

Payday is probably the happiest day of the month for many of us. It’s when we finally get to see what we have been trading our time and efforts for. …

Abi Anday

Psychology Graduate, who absolutely loves writing about self-help, mindfulness, motivation, success and just becoming the best version of oneself.

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