GHC: Notable Keynote Sessions List

Every year the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference brings notable companies’ executives, motivational speakers, domain experts, industry and thought leaders to join the largest gathering of women in computing and technology.

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These keynote sessions are thought-provoking, inspirational and energizing to the audience. These are undoubtedly the most anticipated sessions of a GHC and usually a house full.

PWiC has put together a list of notable keynotes from the past GHC conferences for the benefit of our community.

Hope you enjoy the list and be inspired by these talks!

GHC13 Keynote Sheryl Sandberg, Maria Klawe, Telle Whitney

GHC15 Keynote by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook

GHC15 Keynote by Megan Smith, First Woman CTO of U.S.

GHC15 Keynote by Susan Wojcicki, Youtube CEO and “the mom of Google”

GHC16 Keynote by Megan Smith, First Woman CTO of U.S.

GHC17 Keynote by Malinda Gates

GHC18 Opening Keynote

GHC18 Closing Keynote