PWiC Allies: Qarib Kazmi

Here is what our allies are saying about Pakistani Women in Computing ….

Qarib Kazmi @ AngelHack Hackathon Pakistan
“Pakistani Women in Computing is a wonderful initiative and it has been long overdue that we have a platform dedicated to women that could connect them globally.
We have a lot of talented women in this field who are contributing in many different ways despite their smaller number in the tech industry. Imagine the impact if this number starts growing and this talent reaches its full potential.
No nation can grow while leaving behind 50% of its population. Women can contribute so much in every field, but computing and technology field is particularity well suited to them as so much can be done while sitting at home with just a computer and an internet connection.
I fully endorse this platform and would like to assist in any way possible!
Best of luck and God speed!” — Qarib
About the Author
Qarib Kazmi is a vertern software engineer with almost two decades of experience in building software, platforms and communities. His passion to serve people and to create an impact on the society through technology is evident from his many volunteer projects, where he has been heavily involved in taking a lead and building a community from sctrach until it starts running at its full potential.
He is an active FAST Islamabad Alumni and currently voluteering with AngelHack, Code for Pakistan and OPEN Islamabad and several other projects. He is also advising Pakistani Women in Computing Islamabad Chapter.