PWiC Islamabad: A Note from the Founders

Farah Ali and Huma Hamid

Welcome, to the first official meet up of PWiC Islamabad Chapter. We are very excited to see our engaged and passionate community growing so rapidly all over the world, particularly in Islamabad. Islamabad being the capital of Pakistan has a great ecosystem of academic universities, tech incubators, entrepreneurs, public and private sectors. It is a hotbed for a number of technology-related non-profit initiatives and startups and also the first one to show a strong drive to start a local chapter for PWiC. Through this meetup, we are hoping to learn more about Islamabad’s unique strengths and aspirations and where this thriving, engaging and inspiring community will lead us in 2019.

Let’s connect, learn and grow together today, and for many years to come!

Welcome to your first PWiC Islamabad event!

Gratefully Yours,

Farah Ali and Huma Hamid

Co-founders, Pakistani Women In Computing