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A hobby of writing and want to earn money from your hobby? That is an easy thing because you can start earning by writing on a blog so that later you can earn money when someone reads. For that, let’s discuss how to write a blog to earn income in 2022 because even though this is not a new method, it is still very compatible with the times.

Blogger is a term for those who write blogs with a bonus to be able to earn income from what they write. You can write various things on your blog, from fashion, education, business, gaming, food, traveling, gadgets, and even reviews. Even so, a blogger is responsible for their writing so this really counts. There are many things you should know about blogs because even though it looks easy but writing a blog requires consistency, creativity, and high persistence so that you can succeed in this.

As for the blog, it is a web page that is intended to create content in the form of writing (articles) about something that is expected for people to be interested in reading the article. Many things are found on the blog from the start of the page, from the appearance of the blog to SEO so that your blog can be monitored by search engines.

“Blogging is not just about money but how you can make articles that are useful for readers”

Therefore, let’s discuss how to start writing a blog to be able to earn a complete and gradual income so that you can more easily practice it later.

Prior to the discussion, I will slightly convince you about making money from blogs. This is closely related to your hobbies and interests in the world of writing, especially articles. For that, are you sure and really like the world of writing well without any encouragement from other parties? if yes then this will be easier for you to do. But if not I advise you to think again because indeed if writing is not a real hobby but you only want money it will not work and will only be a waste of time.

If you are someone who likes to write and is ready to learn how to write good articles on blogs then that is the capital for you to start because being a blogger is not easy. But indeed, there are several things that make blogging one of the most sought-after professions by many people because apart from you being able to work according to your passion for writing, blogging is also very flexible to be done anywhere and anytime. In addition, blogging is also a passive income which means you can earn money even if you are asleep.

Stages to start earning money from the 2022 blog
Okay, let’s start with a complete and clear discussion.

Blog ideas

Personal branding
The first thing you should do is find ideas about yourself, namely about who you are, what you are, what your story is like, and why people should read your writing. This is one of the searches for identity as a blogger so that later when you create a blog you already know what it will be like and you can also more easily determine other ideas. Start with the blog name, slogan, what your blog is about, and some other crucial information. This is indeed easy but doesn’t do it carelessly because it will affect the personal branding you build.

· Name
· Slogans
· About

Next is about the niche of your blog, which means that in your blog you will discuss what topics and how you can convey them to readers. I strongly advise you to choose a topic that you really like and understand such as a hobby or interest. However, if you are confused about choosing a blog topic, you can take the following topics into account.

· Business
· Money
· Food
· Technology
· Fashion
· Travel
· News
· Life
· Self-Development
· Beauty
· Gadgets
· Product reviews

Even so, choosing this niche can’t be wrong because besides you have to be responsible for what you write but you also have to know the niche well in order to be able to make an article that is really good so that it can help people who read it. But if you do not master a topic but want to learn it can be considered because indeed you can learn more from it.

Blog Appearance
In addition to personal branding and niche on the blog, you must also be able to create a blog display that is in accordance with the chosen niche so that your blog can be better in the eyes of its readers. For this, you have to pay attention to the appearance of the blog from the color, slogan, image size, UI, UX, and fonts so that everything is appropriate and readers feel at home to linger reading the articles you write.

Even so, your main focus is not here so many beginners are more concerned with the appearance of their blog than the quality of their own content, thus making it impossible for them to do anything. So, although this is important further improving the quality of the article is also more important so you should really be able to prioritize it in this case.

Preparation of skills and tools
Don’t forget that before creating content you must have the ability and tools that support it.

Gadgets — Tools
For gadgets that support you in writing a blog, you can use any gadget, of course, you have to be comfortable using it. Using a cellphone, tablet, laptop or computer is the same, the important thing is that you can maximize its use so that the articles made have high quality and you are also comfortable using them.

Although indeed using a cellphone has certain limitations compared to using a laptop or computer because there are indeed some features that cannot be accessed by cellphones, I would advise you to use a laptop or computer.

Writing — Skill
Of course, the ability that you must have in this case is the skill in writing, especially writing good and correct articles. Good grammar, neat and uncomplicated writing, simple but complete discussion, and other things that are indeed basic skills in writing an article. Writing is a fun thing for people who really like it and also this is a basic human skill so even if you are not good at writing, it can be easily mastered.

To further train skills in writing is to make written works diligently so that your skills can be trained properly and perfectly. Don’t forget to also read other people’s articles so you can get more new vocabulary later. The more you read, the better you will write because people who like to write come from people who like to read.

Understanding of niches — Skills
Previously I told you to find a niche that suits you and of course, you have to understand this as well as possible in order to make a complete and useful article for readers. For example, if you choose to create a blog with a niche about gadgets, then understand various things about gadgets from various sources, and don’t be lazy to do this regularly so that your understanding of the niche you choose is also getting better. However, I am sure that if you choose a niche that matches your passion, understanding this niche is a way to make the information about the things you choose more developed and varied.

SEO — Skills
Another important skill for you to master is knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) to be able to improve the performance of blogs and articles that you create for search engines. This is a very complicated thing but needs to be learned, SEO has many ways and a wide scope so you can create a blog while learning a little bit about it. Don’t get too hung up on it because the quality of the articles made is number one.

This SEO has an important role so that a search engine can choose relevant content according to the wishes of the users. For that, it is very important to learn because search engine optimization is very much on the selection of titles, descriptions, photos, links, backlinks, blog speed, and much more.

Choosing a platform
Once you have the skills and tools needed, now you have to choose a blogging platform where to publish your articles. Here are my platform recommendations.

This is a blog from google directly so it is very easy to integrate directly with Google AdSense and can be used for free because it is hosting done by google. All you need to do is just buy a domain that will later be integrated into Google so you can create a unique and interesting blog name. Blogspot provides a variety of templates that are quite good for beginners and have an easy-to-use interface. So if you are a beginner who is new to blogging then Blogspot can be an option.

This is a free CMS so you can create a blog and do various other things on WordPress. Unlike Blogspot, WordPress is a website that makes it easy for its users to do anything including making an attractive appearance, doing SEO and marketing, and even selling products on WordPress.

As for the appearance itself, WordPress is quite easy to use and has good integration with plugins that can be tailored to your needs. In addition, WordPress also offers many templates that you can use to beautify the appearance of the website. Even so, WordPress is free for you to use provided you have to buy hosting and a domain so that your website can run.

A website creation platform is very good to use for beginners who have just started blogging but can still provide flexibility in its use in a professional and complete manner. From display usage, integration, and page creation to SEO for websites. The Wix platform allows you to subscribe to the platform so that your website can continue to run every month. Although it’s not free, you can do a trial first so you know how this platform works in creating the website you want.

Not much different from the previous platforms, Squarespace is also a platform to create a professional website so that you can create a blog in it. By having a good but professional appearance, this platform is an option for you to be able to create a good blog because it supports easy to use, and various menus that support, page creation, display optimization, SEO, and so on can be used on this platform.

The last platform that you can use for blogging and earning is Medium. It is different from other platforms because Medium has a different vision and mission so you can consider it yourself before writing here. The advantage of Medium is that the platform is very good, clean, and simple but elegant when used, so it is easier to master. Even so, you can’t advertise if you use this because the only way to earn from Medium is to sign up for the Medium Partner Program.

Article creation and publishing
Now is the time to start creating articles and publishing them on the platform of your choice.

High-quality articles
To be able to make a high-quality article so that it can be useful for people who read it is that understand what will be written. My experience as a blogger is that when the first word is created it is indeed very difficult but if you have written it will flow just like that until it can really be solved easily. So, the key to making quality articles is to do good and complete research and write down what you think, don’t delete or edit it first.

Make several titles to build a good article structure from the introduction, background of the problem, understanding, and stages to conclusions. Actually, the structure of the article itself can be adjusted by writing and conveying information according to your style, so it is very free. For that, experiment a lot with article structure until you really find the right structure. But don’t forget that the structure of the article depends on the material or niche being discussed.

According to the rules of SEO
When creating an article, don’t forget to add basic SEO elements in order to increase the ranking of your article in search engines. The rules of search engine optimization are indeed very many, but for some basic things, you must master, especially in article creation. Starting from the length of the title, the selection of the title, the length of the description, the selection of the description, structure, images, the length of the article, and other things so that your articles can be more easily found in search engines.

Learn SEO in a basic but gradual manner so that you can maximize this ability in all aspects because indeed in the creative industry in today’s era, SEO skills are indeed very important. Moreover, all things are also related to this, be it search engines, social media, or even the marketplace.

Share social media
If you have created really high-quality articles by applying various SEO techniques, then don’t forget to share them on social media so that people know what you are writing. If you think this is less important then you are wrong because in fact sharing on social media will have an impact on the readers you get. Especially if you share it with people who already know you well or write things down according to what they want.

I highly recommend social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest for this because both platforms have a high level of link usage so it will be easier to promote the article posts you make. But remember, if you share on social media, it must also be good and right so that people are interested in clicking on your article link.

Finally, the thing you have to do to be successful with published articles is to always make them consistent even if you’ve been doing it for a long time then you can start scheduling posts at the right time so people can know when it’s time for you to create content. In addition, being consistent in creating content will also be able to retain existing readers while attracting other readers to visit your blog.

Earning money
After successfully creating a blog, making posts and always being consistent so that you can get viewers, now you can start making money.

This is the most common way to get money from blogs, namely by monetizing your blog by displaying ads so that when the ad is clicked it can benefit you as a blog owner. One of the biggest advertisers is Google Adsense so you can register there and then start placing ads from them on your blog so that if a reader clicks on the ad then you can earn.

Although monetizing using ads is the most common way, the percentage of income you can get is very high according to the clicks you get. In fact, many bloggers make a living from monetizing their content which is very profitable.

Next to be able to earn from a blog is to endorse. You can offer clients about your blog so that if they are interested you will make an article about the client’s brand or product which will later be posted so that it can build promotion but also improve the client’s website because there are backlinks in the articles created.

To be able to get endorsements from blogs, you can visit websites where people really need a blogger to promote their brand or product. In addition, you can also look for groups or forums to be able to offer the endorsement.

In addition, you can also earn other income by doing an affiliate on your blog because blogging really supports doing this. The trick is that you create content about the product that you are an affiliate of, for example, reviews, comparisons, tutorials, or whatever, and then link the affiliate link so that if someone is interested, they can buy directly from the link you include.

Of course, this is a good and effective way because affiliates are easy to do especially using a blog. But even so, affiliates can still provide high profits for you and if you want to learn more about affiliates, you can read this article.

Own services and products
Lastly, the way you can earn from a blog is to sell your own services or products, so this is one of the advantages you can get because it is very effective to do. You only need to create a page from your product or service and then explain it so that if you create content that matches the service or product being sold, you can immediately direct readers to that page.

The most interesting thing about getting income from a blog is that you can use the methods I have described previously simultaneously and of course, it can increase your income significantly but don’t overdo it.

Well, those are the stages you have to do to start writing a blog to earn income in 2022. Writing a blog is not something new but it is still relevant today so if you like blogging and want to earn money from the things you love then becoming a blogger is an option. Don’t forget to understand the steps that have been carried out so that you can more easily practice them.

Thanks for reading and call me Ivo. I will be very happy if you give a round of applause and comment below for us to discuss and don’t forget to subscribe to email so you can know when I update.



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