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Digital assets may be borrowed and lent using the cross-chain protocol known as Paribus. The blockchain technology of Cardano is specifically what powers this protocol.
By giving them a platform for better access to digital assets and increased earning potential, the protocol benefits users of Defi infrastructure.


Paribus Coin was founded by Deniz Dalkilic. He has been working in the blockchain industry for the past five years, creating and co-founding platforms that support projects and their communities wherever they may be. He has ten years of diverse experience designing and building distributed systems, with a focus on backend development using tools like Java, GoLang, Python, Solidity, and JavaScript. He is a software engineer at heart. He has held positions with significant businesses like Thomson Reuters and the London Metropolitan Police throughout his professional career.
Deniz is particularly interested in advancing decentralization and blockchain through morally and responsibly-minded means, as well as pushing endeavors past their boundaries.

With the help of Paribus, Defi owners and investors can expand the global reach of their digital assets and positions. For the first time, a single platform is combining the functionality of lending and borrowing against a wide range of assets in a decentralized and permissionless manner.
To capture the value held in the expanding network of interconnected blockchains, Paribus' characteristics and program are built to grow along with new crypto asset classes. For the benefit of investors, the Paribus strategy strives to direct this financial energy in recently ineffective ways.

Using NFTs and DeFi together;

Users of Paribus can even borrow money using their NFT investment as collateral. This will release capital while maintaining the value of the underlying NFT. Users can generate yield on their NFT assets by pooling their NFT stakes with those of other similar NFTs through Paribus.
Through the Paribus protocol, users can borrow money in addition to using NFTs and their AMM liquidity positions. Users will be able to increase their leverage while staking or earning money through LPing.

Staking in Liquidity Pools;

Users of Paribus have access to multiple blockchain-based liquidity pools that offer market-specific staking pools for LP tokens, providing the following advantages:

* Cheap transactions
* Incredibly high throughput
* Security and reliability

With a dynamic APY and substantial rewards, Paribus is now providing native staking for the PBX token on their platform. Argenti and Aurum are the only two pools still open. Only a brief period of time are these pools accessible.

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