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2 min readJan 25, 2022


Hello please give time and read this summary to understand more about our project.


$DESU is the native token of our blockchain protocol built to ensure accurate validation of betting odds, as well as providing transparent mathematical models for gaming platforms and providers.

Play rewards

Depending on the monthly betting volume of each user, $DESU serves as the cashback currency. It helps to ensure that bookings are properly decentralized and users get rewarded for their contribution to the development of decentralized betting. Also after a certain amount of placed bets, $DESU token holders get a chance to spin the Wheel of Fortune which gives out certain rewards.
Development fees and premium access
Third-party developers can develop $DESU infrastructure. Meanwhile, $DESU token holders will enter the DAO where they will be able to participate in the development of the platform by voting.
$DESU token holders will have a premium access to the beta versions of new products released on the platform.


0,5% of the Pool would be distributed among users of the DexSport platform in the form of a lottery on a monthly basis. Every $DESU token holder will receive a certain amount of lottery tickets based on the Tier system. There will also be an opportunity to buy additional tickets using $DESU tokens.
Yearly jackpot lottery participation will be available only for users who stake certain amount of $DESU tokens for a certain period of time

Community rewards

Сommunity members holding $DESU tokens will be eligible to take part in different contests such as whitelisting and will have a priority for capped events and giveaways from Dexsport and its partners. This includes famous sports teams merch, fan attributes, NFTs and many other things.

Donations and tips

Reward other users for their contributions. $DESU users can share predictions and create content for other players. Users can "tip" others by sending a number of $DESU tokens to thank them for their work