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2 min readApr 16, 2022


What are trading robots and how do they work?

Today’s investment industry is well-developed. We propose assessing the benefits and drawbacks if you’re seeking for a dependable and profitable strategy. Intelfin Global, an AI investment platform, is one to keep an eye on. Many businesses benefit from an automated system. It dramatically improves the speed and precision of numerous activities, resulting in significant time and cost savings. In the exchange industry, where so-called trading robots are used, such a system is common.
What exactly are these systems? These are programs that employ mathematical methods to communicate with exchange platforms in a user-defined manner.
In most cases, the decision to buy or sell assets is based on a specific order. Simultaneously, market data is evaluated and interpreted, namely:

1. trading volume;
2. the number of orders;
3. price criteria;
4. time.

Trading robots are, without a doubt, the most effective tool in the currency, cryptocurrency, and stock markets, since they allow you to consistently earn.

Investing in trading robots has a number of advantages.

Working on stock exchanges is a time-consuming and exhausting activity. Trading robots, on the other hand, make it much easier because they operate 24 hours a day, making a big number of transactions, unlike traders. As a result, the majority of algorithmic marketplaces employ this technology. Robots add to the controlling trader's high efficiency, and their fine-tuned settings define the trading system's performance.
Investing in this system, for example, is far more efficient than investing in ETFs. Indeed, if the price of gold falls, the price of ETF shares linked to it will decline in the same proportion. It also applies to assets such as currencies, stocks, and other financial instruments.

Many people, of course, seek to make money by investing money and earning interest. Simultaneously, an incorrect belief may emerge, claiming that real estate investing is ideal for this. After all, few individuals consider poor liquidity, a large number of duties and other activities that take a significant amount of time and money, as well as high capital needs directly. Intelfin Global’s hybrid intelligence investing platform takes satisfaction in avoiding all of the aforementioned pitfalls.
Thus, the topic of how to invest from scratch and where to invest money for passive income is no longer an issue with Intelfin Global. It is critical to look ahead in order to be successful.