Help them by earning

Helping people is the biggest happiness of the word. One how gives money get the soul satisfaction and the other one gets means to fulfill the basic need of the life through which he gets satisfaction. The easiest way to help the poor is to give them money but through this they can become dependent. So we plan to help the poor by giving them way of earning through which they can earn and don’t remain dependent on anyone else.

Charity begins at home and we first collect the money by limiting our expenses. We plan to collect money by different ways like visits for charity in school, universities, restaurants, markets and other public places. Sales food items there.

We can collect money in 1 month from which we can buy different means of earning which help the poor family to live their live without asking help to other. They can help more other who are like them.

All the member collect money firstly individually in there respective areas, with in family, friends, and them we move in other places in a group. 1 member will research out the needy and determined family who needs really a help to earn their family.

I hope we will collect good money to help more them 1 family in a satisfactory way.

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