Last journey towards new beginning ….

In our life we have to do lot of tasks some for family, some friends and even some for who are no-one to us but we do it for helping them or to get something from them like give and take relation. Very few of us try to do something for our self like to give some break from machinery life style. Some time we don’t doing anything but our minds are like pressure cookers with lot of stuff to do. Therefore we should try to give some time for our self, to our mind and body. Many people do it by take a good sleep or by getting mouthful, healthy, delicious meal at their home. No, it is about to go outside from your comfort zone to get something new. When we do something new than our mind are try to explore new from that new place or work.

Last session of the Amal was arranged outside. This was amazing that we enjoyed a lot, the journey, breakfast at Anar Kali, Bash-e-Mosque and Shahi-Qila. All these places are full of fun and enjoyment. We take lot of pictures, play games, making fun of each and other and at the end we take lunch at Fri-chicks with pizza, salad and fried chicken. I can’t express the happiness and enjoyment in the words, in short it was awesome…:)

I learnt many lessons from even this small trip that how we planned for it many times. At first, some fellows were not willing to go Islamabad, than some of us want to go Bahria but at the end we go for the Anar Kali. Many changes in the expected plan may loss motivation and interest but we try to remain constant to do it. Some of us do it as a task for our self by get break from our planed works to manage sometime for our self. How to manage the time for each activity, traveling management, engage everyone, team work, Khudi, Sabr-e-jamil, estimate the budget and its collection and many many more effect lesson I learnt from it.

Thanks Sir Awais to give us such a good and effective experience to enjoy as well as to learn one of the most important lesson of the life. Ma’am Bushra we all miss you a lot and we also a learn a lesson from you that if we can’t become a part as a physically than we should try to remain in touch by some other means, like you did it by SMS and try to found that how everything is going on.