The combination of intelligence and kindness.

“Wait.. is there such person still exists in this world?”

My answer would be, yes. But how do we know if there are such person in this world? In my humble opinion, this is how a person with intelligence and kindness looks like.

1. They are not judgementals.

This is because they are those who try to understand the situation. They believe that God is All-Knowing of what is really going on while they don’t. Moreover, they choose to not to judge people as they know they are not God. This is because they have a stand where God deserves to judge people but them as God knows what is in the heart of people. This is what we call as a character of true pious people.

2. They are people with humbleness.

The source for them to have confidence is to be humble. The main reason is, because they are thinking far enough that wealth and status will not be last-longer to cushion their ego. They also think it is better to be humble as to be humble will allow them to be themselves.

3. Think the consequences before act.

These people are far-sighted. They do the right thing eventhough they have made mistakes before. They still try to practice the art of think before act because they WANT to correct themselves. They are also not giving up in correcting their mistakes by learning from them despite of they realize that they are have done major sins. This is because they realize that God is the most Compassionate and God always listen to them.

4. They accept advices

If somebody tells them that they did wrong, they would accept that critique with an open-mind. They believe that this is their opportunity for them to correct themselves. They would thank that person for telling them the truth. Indeed, there are such person in the world. I actually met those kind of people of life. They are people with hardships experiences. For example, my late father who died because of cancer and my late grandfather who had been struggling to obtain knowledges abroad.

When I was 12 years old, my late father was alive at that time, and he was angry with me as I didn’t finish my homework yet. Before that incident happened, my mother found me for that I didn’t finish the homework first, then, she told that to my father of what she had witnessed. At the time my father was angry, I wanted to tell him that I’m in progress to do my homework because I was usually do my homework very slowly so it would have a quality in it. He asked, “why you didn’t finish your homework yet?”. I told him “Bapak(dad), I don’t want do my homework in hurry because Asians works fast but their products are very poor quality meanwhile Europeans works slowly but their products are very high quality”. Since I advised to him that, he stopped being angry with me at that moment. I had found out that he was actually found my words as true words, at the moment his best friend told me when we decided to exchange stories.

5. They have a strong principle.

This is because they are truth-seeker. Those who have strong stand will know what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. They are people with justice-spirit inside them. These people are have boldness. They being themselves. And sometimes, they found people around them don’t have as same understanding as them.

NOTE: Actually, there many characteristics of people who have the combination of kindness and intelligence that I would like to share with all of you,writers and readers but I don’t have much time since I’m in hectic high school life, especially counting down for my important examination. If you are wondering why I used the word ‘Bapak’ , I’m actually from Malaysia and ‘Bapak’ is a malay word for father. If you judging me for not focusing my examination, I would accept that and I would like to tell you that I just need to express my humble opinions and notions about something that I need to share with all of you, (that I found all of you as an intellectual writers and readers). This is why I love medium. We can actually share our point of views. I had been searching a bloging app like this!

Thank you for spending your time reading this.

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