BITCOIN RED Making Bitcoin Art by trading colors

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What is Bitcoin Red

Bitcoin Red is the first cryptocurrency of a brand new family of cryptocurrencies : BitColors ! The goal is to create different Bitcoins of different colors, each one representing feelings or characteristics. For example, red is the color of passion and leadership but also of anger. Trade Bitcoin Red when you feel
this way or just if you feel red !

The average block time on Ethereum is 24 seconds whereas it is approximately 10 minutes for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Red has an average transaction fee from $0.20 to $0.50, much more cheaper than the $4.00 of Bitcoin !

Bitcoin Red is a part of the great family of BitColors, each own having its own characteristics. Choose wisely !


16 000 000 Bitcoin Red tokens
8000 different addresses
2000 BTCR basis per address
Trading on EtherDelta
Get bounties by sharing about the BitColor project


  • 1000 BTCR for the first 50 registrations
    Tweet : +250 BTCR
    Facebook share : +250 BTCR
    Article (blog, website) : +3000 BTCR
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