Once we have that understanding, then we truly will be able to tackle it.
This is where I think the mistake is.
Cheta Nwanze

And how are going to tackle it? A million man march, town hall meetings where we educate each other on cultural tolerance and unity, stiffer measures for cultural intolerance? Is there anything you or I can really do about seeds of distrust bieng fed into empty stomachs? The only thing we have are our voices but rather than use our voices, our various Mediums (pardon the pun) to talk about why Nigeria despite bieng oil-rich has abominable maternal and child mortality statistics, or why this is ground zero for corruption, or why a senator gets to go home with 100 million naira a month while a policeman earns crumbs or why ordinary people are now being kidnapped for 100k or why none of us; Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo has access to good education, housing, healthcare or anything good for that matter, we talk about tribal differences. That is not the agenda my brother. We have let these politicians with thier politics of distraction tell us that we should be talking about our tribal differences in 2017! When technology moves forward at a fast pace, when teenagers make thousand of dollars legally from the internet using code my faulty education is barely helping me grasp in my thirties. This isn’t head in the sand, this is head in the clouds. I’m too busy trying to get rich, get political and be the change than to talk about why we can’t all get along. If we can’t see that we all regardless of our various tribes and languages are victims of the greed of a few, there’s nothing more to say.

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