Rather than pretending that this thing is not happening, we should be examining why it is happening
On tribalism
Cheta Nwanze

This thing isn’t really happening. That one group calls for secession and another group is calling for that groups expulsion means it’s happening to those organizations and those that choose to blindly follow their rhetoric. How long do smart people have to sit back and let someone else set the agenda??? No one can tell me how to feel about my fellow Nigerian regardless of his tribe, I decide that and I decided long ago we are all brothers and sisters held captive by corrupt politicians and the jobless youth groups they use to push thier divisive agendas. So rather than analyse why this is happening now, I will ignore those errant voice, refuse to be manipulated by them and tell my fellow Nigerians; our generation will be different, I will not ask you your tribe, don’t ask me mine, let’s continue this our daily hustle to make ourselves and Nigeria better.

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