Seven books on writing you should read (or at least have on your bookshelf)

Abidemi Sanusi
May 22, 2017 · 3 min read

Unlocking your creativity

One of the best books on unlocking your creativity, the Artist’s Way is a keen favourite with writers looking for a practical solution to help them let go of a negative mindset and move forward with their writing.

Writing tips and advice

The first book I ever bought on writing. Then, I was contemplating a career in screenwriting (who knows, I may still revisit that dream). Stein doesn’t do mush, preferring instead to offer no-nonsense practical advice, backed up with real life writing examples to his readers.

Great for non-fiction

The standard recommendation for non-fiction writers, Zinsser’s classic is part travelogue, part autobiography, part how-to.

For copywriters — established and budding

A timeless classic and required reading for all copywriters, whatever stage they are in their career.

Books on grammar and punctuation

Writing tools to take your writing life from meh to fab
Writing tools to take your writing life from meh to fab

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