Back on Track / Paradigm Shift

Big things are happening in the world of Senior Project. First thing first, I reconnected with Joy Horvath, and my senior project has changed its focus. Originally I was going to be making a Videogame, but about a month ago, a situation arised where i felt like i really wanted to make a boardgame. So my senior project has been changed from a computer game, to a boardgame, which actually isn’t that big of a change, just changing from digital to physical. This also ties in to the project we are doing in political studies to create a business, so I am creating the boardgame for my senior project, and then buildng a business based on letting players make their own rules, and their own custom pieces

So far on the boardgame side, I decided to go ahead and make a hex based boardgame, which draws some inspiration from the discontinued Heroscape game, and 4x game design. Codename snowflake, it is a boardgame which is never played the same way twice. It is all centered around having these tiles (2 larger connected objects in image down below) that can attach together, and have a hole in them. These tiles act as the board, and can be put in many different formations. Inside of them you place emblem tokens (smaller of 3 objects in image below), which identify what that tile is. for example, if a tile has a green emblem in it, it means that it is a forest, and it will have specific rules for what that means. Currently I am working on the objectives of the game, but the idea is that it will be simple, and easy to work off of, and create new rules

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