Stop Redesigning iOS7, Internet

Because you’re not making it better — in fact, you’re what people accused Apple of: doing cosmetic upgrades

I don’t really want to write about iOS7 again — so this isn’t really about that. Instead this is more about the rounds of posts that’s been going on the Internet about “Hey look! This is a better looking iOS7!”. Like here, here, and here. Don’t get me wrong they are great posts, good improvements, but completely missing the point.

Being Shallow

Sure iOS7 needs a bit more work — but really, if someone still in school like you could make cosmetic improvements to it, I am sure all of us in the industry for 10+ years can too; granted maybe slower because of our old ways of crafting things or without a Dribble account to post it for fun.

There’s a lot of accusing Apple for doing surface upgrades only (mainly cosmetic) but woa, look at what everyone’s doing except even less. Trying to find a better color hue, a softer gradient, and icons that are 75% smaller. Good job.

Your Redesign is Not a Redesign

You tweaked what Apple’s marketing team came up with, how is that a redesign? It’s just different preference in color choices which doesn’t make your “redesign” any better except for yourself.

I’d say Apple’s design had a way bigger “wow” factor (though not all positive) than any other designs of iOS7 I’ve seen before, or after the official unveil. On that mark alone Apple still triumphs.

Even if we just talk cosmetics here, all these recent “better redesigns of iOS7”, why not design an entirely better icon set and choose brand new palettes? So many complaints on the Photo icon but I haven’t seen anyone actually redesign it with a new icon but the same color palette yet.

If you want to be the next to “redesign” iOS7, please understand what a redesign consists of, and prepare to spend more time on it.

Hell, even combining Notes and Reminders into 1 app and making it work is a better redesign than what I’ve seen so far.

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