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Dear Abbie: My partner and I have been together for two years, and we've enjoyed hot, passionate, and deep direct action together. He was a passionate anarchist(why I was attracted to him in the first place) and sought to smash the state, but during this election cycle he's become a Bernie Supporter. Instead of food not bombs he phone banks for Bernie, instead of protesting he goes to rallies, instead of wheatpasting he posts memes to facebook in short he's become a liberal shell of the man I fell in love with. How do I remind him that the state is simply a form of oppression and that change only comes from the people not politicians? I can't keep dating a milquetoast liberal.

-- Love without Rage

Dear Love without Rage: While I think we can all agree that Bernie is better than the normal characters that make it to the national stage, he is still just a watered down form of socialism. Your partner seems to have just gotten too caught up in the Bern. The shiny banner of false socialism has blinded him to the fact that he's still an imperialist stooge. It has happened to some before. In 2008, some of us followed the carrot and didn't realize that we were the ass. Remind him that nothing has ever changed by voting for someone and only ever happens via direct action. Remind him that the gridlock Bernie would experience from both sides of the aisle in congress would be so substantial that nothing could get done without diluting and essentially nullifying his ideas. Remind him how good the balaclava feels. Take him to the RNC this year and put a smokebomb in his hand. Let him feel the anger at the corrupt and ineffective system, the power of self-organization, and if he is still rocking the bumper stickers, dump him.

Love, Abbs