13 Breakfast Recipes: Easy, Simple, Healthy Recipes to Start Your Day With

Breakfast has long been touted as the most important meal of the day. We know why, don’t we? After an overnight fast lasting for 8–9 hours, what and when you eat in the morning is significantly important. To break this fast your body requires energy to kick-start the day and stay active all day long. Eating breakfast helps set the tone for the day and promotes weight maintenance by further looking after your blood glucose levels and metabolism. Skipping breakfast translates to binge eating through the day, which could only lead to obesity and other negative health conditions.

So, work that appetite and prepare yourself to prepare some delectable breakfast recipes to kick start your morning.

1. Best Indian Breakfast Recipes

What’s better than starting your day with foods from across the country; from missal Pav to Sali Par Edu, Rawa Upma to Namkeen Seviyan and more? These Indian breakfast recipes will make you want to switch to more such yummy Indian breakfast options.

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