For many of us, meat is a staple part of our diet. In the industrial world we consume, on average, 80kg of meat per person each year. That’s over 200g per day! [1]

Meat provides us with valuable protein, vitamins A, B1, B12, nicamin, iron and zinc. However, recent studies…

It seems like everywhere I look right now I’m seeing pickled cucumbers. Pickles on Facebook, pickles on Instagram, pickles in the news. I’m dreaming in pickles! So what’s all the fuss about?

This pickle preoccupation seems to be largely based on the benefits of fermented foods containing probiotics, and the…

Self-improvement is not a dirty word. It seems strange to even have to say these words but nevertheless, it’s ok to want to improve yourself. It’s not anti-feminist or against the body positivity movement as I have seen implied. It doesn’t make you shallow. I don’t believe that wanting to…

Abigail Mohebbi

Cofounder of goEvo mobile app, AI therapy for a healthy relationship with food and our bodies. Writer at

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