A New Beginning

It’s 1:25 am, and I’m sitting at my desk in the Graduate Living Center at Georgia Tech. I’ve just moved in to my new home for my first year of graduate school. I am a graduate student. I’m getting paid to learn. Excited doesn’t begin to cover it.

My mom and I had rented a car to drive from Cleveland to Atlanta, and I’d stuffed most of my belongings in sturdy black trash bags which would forthwith be crammed in the car’s trunk or back seats. The amount which we were able to transport was nearly miraculous. The trash bags allowed for the conformation of my items to the volume of the trunk; I got the proverbial bang for my buck with this method.

I didn’t have any qualms about dragging bag after bag up to the student hall, to the elevator, and finally to my room. The bags were through — no doubt about it. I’d zealously stuffed many of them far beyond capacity. Ripples in the bags foretold holes, and holes foretold tears. Thankfully, only one out of the 10 or so bags gave up the ghost before reaching my assigned room.

My mom and I unpacked everything — clothes to the closet, cooking utensils to the kitchen, and books to the …. wait, I no longer have dedicated bookshelves. As of now, my previous volumes are rather unceremoniously piled on top of my closet within reasonable reach of my lofted bed. I suspect my books shall remain there for a while.

Now, I’m musing over my checklist for newly admitted graduate students and jotting down a veritable litany of items to purchase for the dorm. Coffee. I need coffee. Target is probably where we’ll head first tomorrow; I still have a number of gift cards there, and I’d very much like to use them up before I forget or lose them.

Wowee. I started/am starting graduate school. Wow.