The New Normal

For the first time in nearly four years, I currently do not hold a New York City address.

I’ve been in Boston for eight days. I love my new home. I enjoy my new routine. It’s absolutely fantastic to work from home. I love Boston. But I miss New York. I miss the Champion Coffee Shop on Nassau Avenue. I miss knowing where I’m going. I miss drinking beers and eating sausages while fruitlessly attempting to hit on the bartender with my best friend.

But that isn’t my life anymore and somehow after three weeks of not living in New York anymore that finally just hit me and it hurts.

I happy wandered today with barely a clue where I was going. I don’t have a “spot” that I can go to where they know me and know what I drink and how much ice I like in my coffee. You can walk across the train tracks here and I’m honestly scared to do it because I’m used to third rail warnings. I’ve had more Dunkin’ Donuts in the past week than I’ve had in my whole life and that is also weird. I’m used to doing life on my own, but this is different and I don’t know how it feels or how I feel about it yet.

In a few weeks I’ll probably look back on this post and laugh and remark on how ridiculously dramatic I am. But this is now and right now I miss my 3/4 mile walk to the G train. I never in my life thought I would miss the G train.

This is my new normal.

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