Quiz: How would you die if you were a character in Game of Thrones?

#WinterIsHere and I can barely stand it. I almost want to live in Westeros. Almost. The thing holding me back is that survival rates aren’t all that great in the world of Game of Thrones (I’m an English major, and we as a group are not known for out survival skills). So it’s a given that I would die, as would most people. But how you would die is not a given, and you get points for style: would you be killed by a sword? Would you burn or be shot, or maybe poisoned? Would you…would you get resurrected? And what does that say about you? Find out by taking my quiz! And while you’re at it, share your results with your friends on Facebook or Twitter so you have someone to compare results to, because what is life but a competition?

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