That depends. It’s entirely contingent on your relationship with social media.

Some of us can live without it. Others can’t. Sometimes all we need is a brief break from the social media-ridden space.

Do you remember your first social media account? I had just turned eleven years old. My aunt sent me a link to this app called “Snapchat.” I asked my parents if I could create an account, they said yes. My username was “Coolcookie1010,” and my score reached 11 points before I deleted it. This would become a recurring theme over the next ten years. …

It’s two weeks until you officially graduate. You have a job lined up one month after graduation. So, you figure, “one month is more than enough time to get a vacation before I work for the next forty years.”

You spent the few weeks of traveling, visiting friends and family — checking off all the essentials before you enter the working world… or so you think.

One month into working, you feel really sad. You miss home. You miss school. You miss the flexibility life once had. …

Abigail Giannou

Big time people person. Book enthusiast.

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