How you Can Use Twitter Ads to Grow Your Business and Personal Brand

Twitter has opened up limitless opportunities for entrepreneurs to market their merchandise as they also build their personal brands through their announcement; besides, Twitter is are available in over 200 countries world over, with millions and millions of users. In online marketing and consultancy of search engine optimization, there are only two outcomes that you can find. The first one is those who have tried to launch their campaigns and failed miserably, or those that have launched their campaigns and succeeded immensely.

Twitter ads are a great tool in the quest for an improved personal brand and also in the growth of business. This is because its dashboard is very easy to navigate. Its analytics also provide the necessary information for optimization and scale campaigning. Some of the best ways to use twitter ads with absolute success include;

1. Growing followers

Twitter is an excellent tool for the building of personal and brand recognition by sharing information and engaging the audience without actually forcing offers down their throats, as opposed to the option of pushing direct offers. It is important to target potential fans that you feel would be interested in what you tweet about to jumpstart your account of followers. The targeting options are very comprehensive and extensive. All you have to do is simply select a price that is palatable to every new follower that you gain through other followers.

2. Driving website traffic and tweet engagement

It is important to run a sponsored tweet campaign to attract engagements and place your content directly right in front of your target audience. You can drive targeted traffic to your site by either promoting a blog, post or free ebook download. If your content works as it is supposed to, you can get email subscribers, leads, sales and new followers. The price to be paid for every engagement depends heavily on your targeting. It is imperative for you to not just focus wholly on the cost per click. Instead, it is important to run a test and figure out what your cost for every conversation is. The number is all that you have to focus on in the end.

3. Building a targeted list

If you feel up to it, you can always sync a campaign with your favourite email program and each lead that you get will automatically be imported into your list. Twitter, makes it really easy for users to get attention from their clients and as a result get accepted. Twitter automatically passes their email addresses that are associated with the user accounts. This helps you to be certain that you are receiving a valid email every single time.

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