When the Law of Attraction doesn’t work.

I love the law of attraction! There are many who speak of how it has changed their lives and helped them create the lives they always dream’t of. I remember somehow finding the well known movie, the secret. That movie was like a brain explosion for me when I watched it. Something definitely shifted in my mindset and I understood and saw how the law of attraction was present in my life.

I thought about times when I would drive to a seemly full parking lot and envision a space waiting just for me. I would get there and there it was, sitting and waiting for me while other cars had been driving around. Or the times I would go to the club with my friends and set an intention that we will somehow get invited into the VIP area without having to pay for anything. And guess what, that’s exactly how it would unfold. This was all before I stumbled upon the movie.

The Law of Attraction is a universal Law that states, Like Attracts Like. It also talks about how wherever your focus is, energy flows to. And wherever energy flows , that’s where manifestation occurs. We hear a lot about being conscious of our thoughts because they create our reality. It’s a powerful Law. But what if you’ve done everything and still have not manifested your dream and goals yet? What is going on there? That’s what we are going to talk about today.

This is the part is where the movie “The Secret” didn’t mention. Now mind you, the movie “The Secret” did exactly what it was suppose to do, which is to awaken us to the truth that we are conscious creators of our own realities and to plant the seeds and ignite this truth within us. And it did exactly that. The following information is for anyone who desires to dive in deeper into the mystery of the Law of Attraction.

When the Law of Attraction is not working, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Do you know what you truly want or desire?
  2. How is your connection to your Higher self?
  3. On a scale of 1 to 100, where is your light level?
  4. Are you in Alignment with what you are asking for?
  5. How is your self care and self worth?
  6. How and where is your mindset?

Take some time to answer these questions. If you feel a heavy energy around these question or don’t have a clear answer for any of them, then there is the answer to why the Law of Attraction isn’t working in your favor. Is not a matter of whether the law is working or not, for it is always working. It is a matter of whether it is working in your favor or not. Think of all the times you really didn’t want something and that’s exactly what you ended up getting.

Yep, the Law of Attraction is always working.

Now lets dive in, shall we. I’m going to walk you through a process I typically take my clients through to help them manifest their desires.

Do you know what you truly want and desire?

First and foremost, you need to know what YOU want. Not what you think you might want or what you think I might want for you or anyone else wants for you. What makes your heart sing when you think about it? What brings you joy? I am giving you permission to simply daydream. Daydream about how you want to feel when you wake up in the morning, the types of food you love to eat that makes your body tingle and glow. Dream about what types of clothes you want to wear, the fabric that feels amazing on your skin and how much money you desire to have in your account.

This is where your energy needs to be. These dreams and desires are not just daydreams. They are your soul cravings, your soul desires. Pay attention to them. They hold the seeds for your highest potential and expression.

How is your connection to your Higher self?

This is also another important question to visit. Your Higher Self is You, in the Spiritual realm, your total soul consciousness. Your Higher Self is the complete you. Your physical self is an expression of your Higher Self. The Higher Self is the part of you who knows everything about what you are here to create and how to do it. He or she has your instruction manual and your life plan in his/her hands. Want to speak to him/her now? Yeah, I thought you might 😁.

This connection can be cultivated through meditation. Find a quiet time and space. Light some candles. Set the mood however you desire it to be. Take in some deep breaths and call in your Higher Self. If this is your first time connecting, use this time to get to know yourSelf. If this is a familiar territory for you, then use this time to ask questions about your dreams, your desires and how to manifest them in your life. Remember, this exercise can be done anywhere and anytime. You can simply call in your Higher Self while you are driving to talk to him or her. You can do it while exercising, hiking, cooking etc. Don’t limit yourself or make this complicating. It can be simple.

On a scale of 1 to 100, where is your light level?

Holding more light within your energy field and in your body raises your vibration. The higher your vibrations, the more you can resonate with the dreams and desires you are calling into your life. It clears your channel of any blocks and limiting beliefs that might be hindering or holding you back from manifesting your desires. Here is an exercise you can do to increase your light level.

First ask yourself where you are on a scale of 1–100. Then take in some deep breaths, close your eyes and see a ball of light above your head. It can be any color. With your inhalation, allow the light to flow down through your crown, filling in every part of your being. All0w this light to expand and create a light bubble all around you.

Are you in Alignment with what you are asking for?

This is an important step as you can only attract to you or manifest that which you are in vibration with. This is why keeping a high vibration is key. Spiritually, you can raise your vibration through meditation, using mantras and affirmations, listening to high vibe music and watching movies that make you feel good.

Physically, moving your body, eating organic foods, drinking lots of water, drinking super greens and doing things that help you to express your passion all increase your vibration.

Another thing you can do is ask the universe, your guides, your Divine team, what vibration you need to step into in order to manifest what you are asking for. Asking the universe this question, will open up the channel for you to receive ideas, inspirations and divine inspired steps, that will allow you to manifest that which you desire.

How is your self care?

Here’s the thing that most people don’t realize about how important self care is. It is not just so we can feel great. It also raises our vibration, increase our self worth and tells the universe that you know that you are worthy of receiving what you are asking for by making yourself a priority. So get that massage, or the pedicure. Buy yourself that dress and shoes you’ve been staring at for months now. Go to the restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Here’s the thing, when you feel good, your vibration is high and the universe wants to see you even more happy so you inturn will keep receiving the money and the opportunities that will continue to bring you the good feeling and happiness.

How’s your mindset?

What you think becomes your reality. If you desire to manifest a new home and yet your thoughts around purchasing a new home is limiting and negative, first of all it lowers your vibration. If you are thinking “yeah right, i can’t afford a new house” then you will manifest all the ways you cannot afford a new home. This mindset game is a huge culprit for most people not being able to manifest their desires. You can do mindset work that will help you eliminate the limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. Tapping or EFT is a great way to shift those old thought patterns and programs that are still operating your life.

Keep all these in mind when you are writing down your goals, intentions or your desire list. The above exercises will help shift your connection with the universe, bringing you in alignment with all that you desire and more.