I am a loser.

I have lost friends. I have lost loves. I have lost a parent. I have lost peace. I have lost sanity.

The pain of losing is much stronger than the joy of winning.

The pain of losing cuts deep.

But I have won before. I have won friends. I have won loves. I have won prizes. I have won contests. I have won battles.

The key is to outnumber the losses with the victories.

The key is to not hold on so tight.

We often hold on so tight to our victories that we strangle them. We cause them to lose their value, or to disintegrate in our hands.

We often hold on to our losses so tight that we hurt our hands. We cause them to have callouses and cuts, or we break our bones in disdain.

I am a loser.

But I am also a winner.

And I will let neither define me.

For I am so much more than both.

I am a brain, and a heart, and an artist, and a poet, and a singer, and a dancer, and a lover, and a fighter.

I am me.

And I love who I am.