Jon Richardson showed how EVERYONE can earn 800.000£ in two months! During the Good Morning Britain program, the British comedian shared with the audience the method that he uses.

“This is definitely a step forward when it comes to development of technology, and the best thing about it, is that everyone can use it, even those with no experience” — Jon Richardson.

The British comedian, during the Good Morning Britain program, demonstrated how he makes money online. As he mentioned — this is his additional work, which brings him huge profits, and he found out about it from the Internet. The platform is called — Bitcoin Profit. The concept of this software is quite simple — the platform provides the user with automation tools, thanks to which every person can earn money, and the best thing about it, is that it does not require any prior experience or knowledge.

To start earning money using this platform, you must first pay a deposit, which you will use for trading. This amount is usually £250 or more. You should remember that the entire paid-in deposit belongs entirely to you. Afterwards, the automatic algorithm starts working, indicating what to do next. Using the combination of data and machine learning, the software indicates the ideal time to take action on the platform. The system is designed so that it minimizes the risk and thus maximizes the user’s profit.

To show how the platform operates, Jon was asked to make a deposit of £250 on-air.

I’ve heard a lot about different cryptocurrencies, but I’ve never had the opportunity to buy them. I only knew that they bring in really big profits in a short amount of time. When I heard about Bitcoin Profit, I decided to give it a try. I made a deposit using my card and afterwards I only enjoyed the incoming profits. — Jon Richardson

After Jon paid in £250 on-air, the trading platform began to generate traffic. It bought the currency for cheap, and sold it for more. Within five minutes Mr. Jon successfully increased his initial balance to £455.28. That’s a profit of £205.28.

The journalists running the program and the entire crew on the set were surprised that you can make money that easily. The platform supports trading using automatic signals, so that even when the exchange rate decreases, there are many opportunities to maximize profits.

Before the journalists had the chance to ask Jon all of the questions, he interrupted them with a smile, saying: “After just eight minutes, I’ve already earned an extra £347.42.”.

Cryptocurrencies are such an interesting topic that even people who have never had the opportunity to read about them can earn a lot. — Jon Richardson.

Start to make money online now —

We decided to test Bitcoin Profit to check if it is really possible to make money using this platform.

Here is the deal: We quickly found out that the platform is charging a commission of 2% of the profits made by the user and you have to deposit a minimum of £250 to get started. This money is an initial investment and is used by the software for trading.

We also learned that Bitcoin Profit is making a profit when making purchases when the price increases, but also when it falls. This is a so-called “short sale”, and the platform does this for users who use the automated suggestions option.

I will now present you with my results after 7 days: I decided to create an account with Bitcoin Profit, made my first deposit of £250 and activated my account.

During the interview, Jon earned £205.28 in just three minutes. For me it took much longer. To earn £193.29, the platform took 20 hours. It made a big impression on me! I have never bought or traded gold before, and yet I have made a profit.

I invested about 5–10 minutes each day to check my results and after 5 days the platform booked a huge sum of £630. This is an increase of 252% compared to my initial deposit. I really started to believe in this platform.

After 7 days, my initial deposit amount equaled to £1,820. At that moment, I began to wonder what should I do with that money. It was more than what I’ve earned at work in a month, and it took me less than an hour to check the platform.

I decided to keep my account active for 130 days because I wanted to see how much this amount could grow. My account eventually reached the amount of $7,324.10, but it recorded a negative trading balance of -179.51 pounds. I looked through my trading logic and noticed that not every transaction turned into a profit, and a small percentage even brought in losses.

The platform is no magic, but when 81% of my transactions were profitable, my income equaled to £7,324.10 with an initial deposit of £250. I spent less than an hour a week working and I had absolutely no experience in the field of engineering or trade.

Overall, I made a profit of $7,324.10 in Bitcoin Profit. I decided to withdraw money to pay for my trip to the United States. When I come back, I will definitely invest in Bitcoin Profit again, with the remaining money from my holiday. Perhaps I should even quit my job?

Note: Money was paid into my bank account within 48 hours.

Start to make money online now —



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