Why I’m Secretly Rooting For President Trump
M.G. Siegler

I was of the same mind at first. However, I would say that Trump’s narcissism may actually work in our favor to get things done. He loves to brag about the things he has done. Why not? What would be the ultimate bullet on a resume?


  • In four years, I balanced the United State’s national budget, bringing down a $20T debt by decreasing wasteful spending, cutting pork barrel and special interest money, and streamlining our government programs to ensure a viable and efficient network.
  • Built a border wall, charging Mexico for the cost through trade fees, immigration fees, and other alternative methods.
  • Worked with bipartisan congress to establish beneficial trade agreements with China, Japan, and Mexico to boost our economy.
  • Simplified tax codes for both business and personal returns, eliminating wastful spending in the IRS. Boosted economy and employment by offering incentives to hire US Citizens first and foremost and working with colleges and universities to place new graduates into a career environment.

Seriously… he wants this on his resume. He wants to brag about it. I think he will do it.