A letter to my mom

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Every-day I wake up and I see you roaming around the house complaining how late I wake up, you who keeps my tiffin ready before I head to office, you, who never forgets to call and check if I finished my lunch. you, who takes all kind of troubles with a smile. She, who is my mom!

You are beautiful the way you are, you learn, you try and forgives no matter what I do. You remember schedule of every person in the house and your sickness is of the least priority in front of ours.

You have been through a lot in your life lately and the past but I believe I am here to provide all the happiness that is to be experienced by every mom in this world. You are oblivious about yourself but not about me.

During the early age, I never got to spend time with you. I was a child who was never serious about you but to just love you unconditionally. All I know was to save you from anybody hurting you.

I am sorry if I did allow someone to hurt you beyond my strength!

Even when the path of our family was extremely harsh and unethical, you were as strong as a stone and you wouldn’t move a bit no matter how hard the situations were. You let us focus on things and kept us away from the distractions that would have spoiled us.

I am extremely thankful being so protective about me & about our family, I owe you my entire life and I am extremely proud to have you as my mother!

Life is very uncertain and takes us through a very rough time but you have quietly taught me how to live in this world with a hope that can never be destroyed.

What is more beautiful about you is the way you carry yourself in the situations with a smile. You have never complained about anything and I have been so dumb to complain about things! Shame on me!

Dear mom, I believe you have shown me a path and most of all bared everything that I have been doing that’s of my choice. I promise you, I will be there for you at all times. I promise you, I will always take care of you no matter what situations I am in. I promise you, I will be the responsible and respectful son.

I still have a long way to be successful. I still haven’t been able to give time to you.

Being a son, I will make you so proud & that’s the gift you deserve.

I will never stop loving you!

Your loving son!

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