How am I and How should I be?

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I am going to talk about myself here. I have no formal education, I started working because I couldn’t afford to pay my school and college fee, unlike other kids get to study and focus on what’s needed at that point in time.

I was working for a company where I enjoyed my role as a software tester. It was pretty new for me given my ability and interest of mobile phones. The job and interest was close to my heart. I wasn’t worried about my income. I always had problems, my dad was hospitalised and my expenses were ever growing but I managed to convince most of my family needs with my income.

Like every other human, I wanted to do few things like photography, playing guitar, learn business and entrepreneurship. I pursued all these and I was able to afford some equipments. I managed to capture and understand the dynamics. The point isn’t that, I was able to give time to my interests and managed to implement it.

Have a look at my photographs here:

The pressure was equally distributed at this point of time in life

I was passionate about Software testing. I worked towards excellence and becoming an expert with mobile app testing. I can test and question even at this point in time. btw, I don’t code. I am bad with mathematics and flunked in the same subject in my 12th grade.

Fast forward…

I came back from Middle east to work with a dream start-up of building a mobile app testing platform. I joined as a Research and Product Analyst. It’s a new role for me to start with. Just like any other person, I believed in my expertise. I had ideas, I had real ideas that could work.

Sometimes it’s not about the ideas, things like time, money, skills, experience, team and support has to come together to be able to go to level — implementation

Today, I am not good and good at few things. While I am writing this post, I have gone through some amount of collapse of my thought process. I blamed myself for not earning enough, not enjoying myself, that I screwed up lot of things at work. I started to think about future, failures and mistakes.

most importantly forgot to live & enjoy this moment.

There are habits that we can follow, different perspective that we can look at things but we tend to narrow down and forget to see beautiful things happening around us.

I asked myself, what if suddenly all of the problems gets solved? Whatever we might have gone through will be forgotten (unless asked by someone).

  • Just stay in the moment for a while
  • Things can go wrong anytime, just think about those who are not even able to afford a days food
  • You are always learning, always!
  • You are neither working for anybody nor anybody is working for you
  • You got your own skills and talent (You don’t have to find it, it exists within. but not having fun is a problem you need to fix)
  • Gain knowledge and experience. We are used to see others and feel bad about ourselves. (Hey, look he is a CEO at the age of 25 and making a revenue of 2 million a year)
  • There is no time limit of what we can do. We can start business at any time given we don’t repeat the mistakes and finding the right problem to solve
  • Yes, there will be better people than you.
  • Spend time with your loved ones, friends and pursue your hobbies
  • Don’t worry about debt. It’s not going to kill us
  • Go to the gym, it will make you feel good about yourself
  • Keep smiling :)
  • Write and share!

it’s great to share the experience in such platforms. Wonderful days ahead!

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